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Employee Engagement Surveys
Conduct regular surveys of your employees to gauge both their satisfaction with their job and their engagement to the organization
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Customer Experience Surveys
Survey your customers to understand their willingness to return or recommend you to others.
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Community Awareness Surveys
Conduct surveys to understand perceptions and awareness of your organization, product, or service.
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Legal Case Awareness Surveys
Survey a community to understand their awareness and opinions of a pending legal case.
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Jackson Insight works with your organization to determine your survey research needs, design your survey questionnaires, collect data through online, written or telephone-based surveys, and presents the results in a meaningful way that is also extremely user-friendly.

Jackson Insight offers a variety of survey instruments to meet your needs. Regardless of whether you are focused on your customers, employees or the community around you, we can implement a survey that will give you actionable insights. No matter if you’re a company of three or 30,000—we’ll provide the answers that solve critical business problems.

Our Specialties

“One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions.” —Gracy Murray Hopper, Rear Admiral, USN

Surveys are our business. For over two decades that’s all we’ve done and we do it well.

Jackson Insight provides survey services for a variety of applications, from gauging customer satisfaction with your company or services or understanding your employees and their level of satisfaction with the organization.  Surveys can also be used to measure community perceptions of your organization or predict interest in upcoming events or changes.  Jackson Insight also specializes in a very specific form of community surveying designed to gauge awareness of legal cases to understand whether a change of venue should be considered to provide a fair and unbiased trial.

Meet Our Team

The core of our team is made of specialists that have over a half-century of experience. They have the expertise and experience to create surveys that deliver actionable results for your business.

Alan Jackson

Director & Lead Consultant

Libby Frei

Development Director

Brad Haas

Technology Director

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