Community Awareness Surveys

Market Perception Surveys, Community Perception Surveys

Community Awareness Surveys

Knowing how you are perceived by your customers and potential customers is important to the culture and commerce of any business.  Obtaining accurate and reliable data is critical to making strategic decisions.

Being able to gather candid feedback on existing products and services and hear input concerning needed products and services demonstrates your commitment to fostering healthy, open dialogue between business and community.  This is the catalyst for positive change in many organizations.

Jackson Insight’s Market Perceptions Surveys Allow For:

  • Customization to gather specific data for your organization.
  • Random sampling of your community or total population studies.
  • User-friendly data reports generated to meet your exact needs.

A Community Awareness Survey is an effective way to target a large population about a specific issue.  For instance, if you have introduced a new product in your repertoire but are seeing low sales over a period of time, you could conduct a market perceptions survey to see why the response is lackluster.  If walk-in clientele have been a growing mainstay for your business for quite some time but then suddenly you reach a plateau or even a decline, you could gather feedback through a market perception survey to determine why the decline has occurred.  If you perceive the need for a new product or service and you want that perception validated, you could conduct a needs assessment survey.

Jackson Insight, with our experienced staff of survey consultants, project managers, call center agents, and technical support staff, can ensure that no matter what the need for gathering market and community perception data your project is in good hands.

Jackson Insight utilizes various survey methodologies to help you reach your desired population in the most effective and efficient manner.  Our consultants work one-on-one with you to design a questionnaire that targets the issues needing to be addressed. We then work with you to determine the target audience for the survey and how many people need to be reached in order to gather the desired response rate for reliable data.  And during the survey administration you are kept up-to-date with participation updates and feedback received from participants. The end result is a polished report that contains all of the findings and a consultant’s analysis.

Jackson Insight focuses on two primary survey methodologies for its Market Perception Assessments:  web-based survey instruments and telephone calls.

With web-based surveys, participants can be sent e-mail invitations with direct links to the survey instrument along with instructions for completing the survey.  Web-based surveys can be tracked to understand what segments of the population are responding versus others, and reminders can be sent frequently to ensure higher response rates.

For phone-based surveys, Jackson Insight utilizes its own in-house call center that is focused on customer service and providing a comfortable survey process for the respondent.  Our callers contact people across the globe, and use database sources to ensure we have the most up-to-date phone numbers available.

You could also choose to combine the two methodologies to create a very flexible survey process: initiating the survey with a phone call, but if the respondent would rather complete the survey on the web the call agent can send them a link that lets them pick up where they left off.

Reports are produced upon completion of the survey process based on the needs and requirements of your organization.  The results can be presented as a total, by any number of demographics, or with comparisons to previous survey efforts if this is a repeat process.  All reports are available as both hard-copy documents as well as in electronic online formats.

Solid expertise, flexible options and results you can count on….they are all components of who we are and what we do.  At Jackson Insight, our approach applies these resources to make the community awareness survey process a true partnership.