Customer Experience Surveys

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Customer Experience Surveys

Every organization puts keeping customers well and happy at the center of its mission.  Surveying your customers is a good way to ensure that you’re succeeding in that goal — and it’s also a way to effect positive change in your organization and stay ahead of your competitors.


Jackson Insight’s Customer Experience Surveys Provide:

  • Overall survey planning to ensure that all areas of the organization receive the data they need;
  • Help with designing your survey and customizing the questionnaire;
  • Recommendations for gathering the most representative samples from your customer group;
  • Administering the survey through one or multiple methodologies;
  • Providing reports and analysis on the results collected through online and traditional delivery methods.

At Jackson Insight we realize that surveying your customer population can be a difficult task.  The method that’s used to collect data directly affects response rates and understanding that data is a critical part of the survey process.  That’s why we take into account both traditional methods and innovative ones incorporating technology.

There are three ways of surveying your customers:  electronic web/email-based surveys, telephone-based surveys, and written surveys.

Online surveys can be administered through a button or link off the company’s web site or a personalized email link can be sent directly to customers.  The survey process can be designed to provide automatic feedback to your customer through follow-up questions or incentives, and the results are available for viewing in real-time online.

Telephone surveys allow us to contact an entire group or a specific audience using a “hands-off” approach for your staff.  Our trained callers conduct the surveys with a focus on customer service and enter all the feedback received so that it can later be compiled into a report.  A comprehensive overview of the data is provided, or if you prefer, data can be segregated for more detailed information.

Even though we promote technology for obtaining customer feedback, data can also be gathered through a more traditional approach… the written survey.  We will work with you to develop a set of questions appropriate to your needs. From there, a written survey is mailed to your customers. As written surveys are mailed back to our offices, data is analyzed and reports are produced.

Consultants and Project Managers work with the organization to determine the best possible survey instrument, using standard templates as “starting points” but incorporating as many custom inquiries as needed to capture the data required.  The survey instruments can be completely customized to accommodate different populations, questionnaire lengths, and learning opportunities.

Reports can be produced on monthly or quarterly basis depending on the needs of your organization.  The reports are all “user-centric”, focusing more on a useful presentation of the data as opposed to overwhelming detail and statistics.  However, the reports still offer analysis into the organization’s strengths and areas for improvement through “key driver” analysis, narrative commentary by the consultant, and descriptive summaries of the written comments offered.  Reports are available in both hard copy and digital formats.

Our relationship with our clients does not stop at the delivery of the report; Consultants and Project Managers are both available for on-site or telephone/email consultation on helping increase satisfaction scores in the future. Using the experience of Jackson Insight, many organizations have seen their scores improve and their staff become more involved in the survey process.

Solid expertise, flexible options and results you can count on….they are all components of who we are and what we do.  At Jackson Insight our approach applies these resources to make the customer satisfaction survey process a true partnership.