Employee Engagement Surveys

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Employee Engagement Surveys

One of the most significant costs to any organization – in terms of both money and time – is employee turnover.  In many case, an employee could have been retained if the organization had a better understanding of their personal satisfaction level and how engaged they were with the organization.

Engaging your employees in meaningful dialogue and offering opportunities for feedback and ideas remains an important part of managing a successful organization.

While the goal for many organizations is to have a culture where employees can openly discuss their ideas and opinions, the fact remains that for people to feel comfortable providing their feedback without any negative consequences a confidential process managed by a neutral, third-party is needed.

Jackson Insight brings over 20 years of experience in conducting employee satisfaction and engagement surveys to your organization, with experience in working with various industries and employee sizes.

Customization.  While a survey questionnaire can be developed based on a standard template, we encourage organizations to work with us on customizing the survey instrument to best fit their unique needs and objectives or addresses their own programs and initiatives.

Administration.  Jackson Insight develops and manages the various ways the survey can be administered to your employees — whether it be by email, web site, paper, or even telephone.   We would work with you to determine the best methodologies for your employees, and then provide the resources needed to help distribute the survey and encourage the greatest participation.

Communication.  The key to a high response rate on an employee engagement survey is to communicate the survey’s purpose in advance and throughout the administration period.  Jackson Insight would provide you with the proper talking points about the survey, its intent, and how the results would be used to improve the organization.  And throughout the survey administration process Jackson Insight will update you on response rates and help target areas where more efforts should be made to improve participation.

Analysis.  After the survey administration is complete, Jackson Insight takes the results and prepares a report to showcase your organization’s strengths, top opportunities for improvement and what factors of your employees’ satisfaction have the most significant impact on overall engagement.  The report and accompanying analysis creates an action plan for how to capitalize on existing strengths and areas to focus on improvement efforts.

Feedback.  Jackson Insight is able to meet and present results to various levels within the organization, if needed.  Meeting with various levels of leadership can include reviewing the results of their group, department or division and highlighting how their group is performing compared to the organization as a whole.  Your Jackson Insight consultant would be available for both in-person or remote meetings and presentations of the survey results.

Jackson Insight can serve as your employee engagement partner, building an employee feedback process that provides you with timely information and actionable results.



Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS)

Jackson Insight is able to provide survey administration of the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, which is designed for government employees at the city, county, state, or federal level.  We have helped organizations administer and provide results based on this survey, with comparisons to other organizations in the FEVS database based on organization size.

The FEVS survey addresses many topic areas, including:

Personal Work Experiences  •  Leadership  •  Performance  •  Work-Life Programs  •  Work Unit

Results are presented for both your total organization and for your various departments or divisions, with opportunities for in-person or remote presentations of results to all leadership levels.