Employee Engagement Surveys

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Employee Engagement Surveys

Engaging your employees in meaningful dialogue and offering opportunities for feedback and ideas remains an important part of managing a successful healthcare organization.  However, a traditional annual employee survey process may not be giving your employees enough opportunity to let them be heard.


Three elements of the Jackson Insight survey process…

  •    SNAPSHOT Surveys:  Employee data, organization-wide, collected on a 12-18 month cycle.  Each department, facility and system is provided with full survey results, comparisons to our robust healthcare database and to previous survey periods, if applicable.
  •    PULSE Surveys:  Shorter surveys, administered during the periods in-between SNAPSHOT surveys targeted to a designated audience.  Focus on one topic providing specific information on a pressing need or an area of research with your employees, such as introducing a dress code policy or evaluating the use of a wellness center.
  •    PRECISION Surveys:  shorter surveys, administered to the full population or random-sampled employees, designed to follow up on key items and topics from the SNAPSHOT survey.  Results can be used to help track improvement efforts over time. Results are trending to previous survey periods and compared to the healthcare database.

Jackson Insight, a management consulting and survey services firm specializing in employee and customer satisfaction surveys, developed its survey process for asking, listening, and responding to members of the organization.  This process would provide the organization with various vehicles for gathering employee input while also strengthening employee engagement through open dialogue and discussion.

Through the combined use of both traditional snapshot surveys, targeted email surveys and a web-based discussion forum, an organization can solicit feedback from employees on issues both wide in scope and specific in focus.

Imagine having completed your SNAPSHOT survey, providing the organization and each department with their own set of data, and then using PULSE surveys throughout the year to follow-up on areas from the survey where there was room for improvement?  Or perhaps use a PRECISION survey to target a specific department where there was recently a leadership change or a system concern?

All of these elements combine to create a system where employees can provide feedback in various ways.


Key Advantages & Features

  •    The Jackson Insight system is completely email and web-based, allowing any employee with email and Internet access to easily take part in the dialogue process.
  •    Jackson Insight system would utilize a combination of SNAPSOT, PULSE, and PRECISION modules, each specialized towards survey length, frequency, and population size.
  •    Jackson Insight would act as the coordinating agent for the entire process, developing requested survey instruments, scheduling all requested surveys and dialogues, handling all email invitations, and providing reports back to the organization.

On a quarterly basis, your Consultant would schedule a visit or video conference to discuss the progress of the Jackson Insight process over the past quarter and review any results gathered in that time.


The Jackson Insight Process

Every employee engagement survey client engagement is assigned a Project Manager and Consultant from Jackson Insight, both dedicated to act as your “external employee researcher”, providing you with potential survey topics, questions, and helping analyze the data being generated.

If an idea arises within the organization, but you need to gather some employee input first, contact your Project Manager and a survey can be administered within days.  Your project team would be dedicated to making sure you were getting the information you need, and providing employees with a valuable tool for feedback and dialogue.