Legal Case Awareness Surveys

Measure the level of community awareness of legal cases

Legal Case Awareness Surveys


PUBLIC AWARENESS of knowledge of a high-profile case is important to measure and understand, especially when planning for a change of venue motion. Although it is fairly straightforward to compile information on media exposure, it’s a whole other matter to gauge whether or not the public is HEARING or SEEING those messages, and whether or not people are TALKING about the case in the community.

With over 35 years in survey research and processing, Jackson Insight can manage a complete turn-key survey process to help determine the level of public awareness and any pre-conceived opinions that may exist towards your case. A telephone survey can be conducted of a randomly-selected sample of the population by an experienced group of call center agents, with the results tabulated and presented in an easy-to-understand manner. Jackson Insight can also provide EXPERT TESTIMONIAL on the results if needed.


Jackson Insight’s Case Awareness Surveys can include:

  • Development of the questionnaire in cooperation with the client;
  • Determining the ideal sample size and characteristics needed to obtain the best sample for the case;
  • Administering the survey using call center resources;
  • Providing a report of the total findings, as well as results segmented by demographics and locations;
  • On-site expert testimonial on the survey process and results.


Don’t make any guesses when it comes to public opinion and awareness.

Let Jackson Insight provide you with valid and reliable results.